Best of Both Worlds
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) combine the features of mobile web apps as well as the native apps. PWAs provide relatively wider reach of mobile webs while ensuring the sleek, smooth navigation and rich experience that users have come to expect with native apps.
Compatibility and Instant Access
A single PWA can reach wider audience on varying mobile devices as it is not designed for a specific mobile device that requires download before usage. PWAs are found easier than native apps and shared through embedded links in SMS, QRCode, NFC and other text messages.
Cross platform and Easy Upgrades
Unlike native apps that are device specific, PWAs function seamlessly on both mobile as well as desktop platforms. Changes to PWAs are published once and are instantly visible to the users without the need for downloding updates or patches.

Case studies

With Progressive Web App, Ali Express (a division of Alibaba) managed to increase the conversion rate for new users by 104% with 2X more pages visited per session and 74% increase in new users.

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Flipkart, India's largest ECommerce website achieved a 70% increase in their conversions along with 3X more time spent onsite and 40% higher re-engagement rate.

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Why build a Progressive Web App

Time and Cost
PWAs are considerably more time and cost-effective than development of a native app, especially if you need to have a presence on different devices and platforms. PWAs give your users the same native app experience, only more engaging and for lot less!
Support and Maintenance
Supporting and maintaining a PWA involves less time and investment as compared to developing and supporting a device specific app. The PWA is web specific where as the native app is device specific, which typically involves paying for talent and hardware for each specific device.
Lifecycle and scalability
Unless the mobile app is on the 25 list of heavily used apps, the average lifecycle of a native mobile app is fairly short. PWAs on the other hand are always available anytime the user wants to use it. In addition, PWAs are highly scalable especially when deployed on a cloud platform.

The PWStack advantage